FP4Party, 3.2020

#FP4Party is a strange photo contest on Twitter. It started some years ago (I remember a cryptic tweet exchange at the end of Aug. 2016) and is held at least twice a year.

The rules are: in a certain month, 1st week is to shoot [FP4, of course], 2nd to develop, 3rd to publish and 4th to choose the winners.

This time, the 1st week has also been the 1st (limited) quarantine week for the virus in Italy, followed from the full quarantine that helds us at home. So, at least, I had the chance to shoot more rolls in different locations (all around Como, Italy):

Canon FTb, various lenses (a previous 135 to finish)
PentaconSix, Flektogon 50 all with deep yellow filter
Canon DemiS, with or without red filter
Steinheil 9×12, Anastigmat Actinar 135/4.5 with Rada 6×9 back
Werra 5, Flektogon 35 /Tessar 50 / Cardinar 100, with or without filters (2 rolls)

All 200 ISO; ID11 1+1, but 1st Werra  FX39 1+9.

Who knows, we’ll be on the road again, some day… in the meanwhile, I’m publishing my pictures here. All files are downsized, of course.
Sincerely, @CanonF1


 ...many empty spaces?
(Square cropped)


Keep on moving!
ImmagineWe're late

Wednesday (three, this time)

ImmagineEmpty spaces - 1
ImmagineEmpty spaces - 2
Empty spaces - 3


24/7, always
ImmagineMonte Rosa


ImmagineWhere my freedom ends
ImmagineWe'll meet again                               (...wow, Vera Lynn is 103 today!)


ImmagineWhite&white                                      (every time I cross this warehouse, I wonder if the plumber knew Erwitt) 
ImmaginePresent mood


ImmagineTwo coots

Now that this great edition of #FP4Party is closed, just another one. The first one that I shot during my first day’s walk.

You can choose the title you like.Immagine
Mano alzata con medio e anulare separati Fotogrammi filmFaccina con maschera medica

and #StayHome