#mylifeinpictures etc. (part 2)

After two years  I’v been invited to a new session of “7 days…”, this time the subject was:

Rules: No words. No people. Nominate someone every day. I was nominated by (…), Nominating (…)

As I’ve been nominated by none other than @MichelleFrancl,  I tried to accomplish my duty. And, having no prescriptions about b&w, I even dare to use some colour pictures.

Immagine(some time ago my brother-in-love saw me loading the lovely  Wall-E Zeiss Nettar with a colour 120 roll, and asked me: “really, do you think that taking colour pictures will have a future?”)


Day one


Day two


Day threeImmagine

Day four


Day five


Day six


Day seven


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