I’m taking the time for a number of things

The lockdown icon

During the weeks that we are forced to spend at home, after the first shockwave of Covid-19 in Lombardy,  I’m taking very few photos.

The first day of partial lockdown I made a short trip in the neighbourhood, with the Canon Demi S in my pocket and mostly shooting around without aiming, just to see what happened.
An FP4 @ 400.
And then also a white-label Adox HR50.

Things like these, I mean.



The last pocketful of rolls that I have been shooting with my slightly ravenous style were those for the March edition of  #FP4Party , and then I stopped.

In the very few moments out of my door, until now I’m carrying no camera at all, and even with my phone I’m rarely aiming at something.

Don’t know why, indeed.

Maybe I could answer that my old cameras were not made to be sanitized with alcohol after every exit, that’s all.  Well, I have to pretend that the full-plastic Minox 35 is out of service, but never mind.


However, as I have a squad of 9×12 black bricks, sometimes I’m preparing some indoor scene, or even better I’m looking at something out of order, needing housekeeping. Things fallen on the floor, other things that you have to clean, or maybe that have been long waiting for mending.

And then, mostly I don’t shoot. An average of one sheet every two days.


Until now I’ve used Fomapan 100 inside:

  • Ica Sirene,  Angulon 90/6.8
  • Fotokor,  Ortagoz 135/4.5
  • Avus,  Skopar 135/4.5
  • “Frau 22”,  Press Xenar 127/4.5 and Angulon 65/6.8 (one day I’m going to speak about this elusive Bavarian lady).

Last week, I also put a Retropan 320 roll inside the Pentacon Six. Not yet finished.

Here, some results of these minimalistic exercises. I would have preferred being around Anselizing, I’m just trying to Westonize a little bit.


Of course, results are nothing special. But we have time to waste.